Kruklanki Commune is located on north-east of Warminsko-Mazurskie County. It is excellent place for sightseening beacouse location is on the edge of three lands - Great Masurian Lakes, Hilly Masuria and Elckie lake district.

Village and Neighborhood

The real wealth of commune is lakes and forests wich takes over 60% of the area. Borecka Primival  Forest has an surface of 170 km2. It has unique and unspoiled parts of the forest so rare nowadays. Exept ordinary animals there are also aurochs, wolves, lynxes or rare birds like: eagles,ospreys or black stork.

Very clean air and water makes this region unique in a european scale.In the close area exist about fivteen lakes. The Biggest are - Goldopiwo, Zywki, Soltmany, Kruklin.



Typical tourist village on the lake Goldopiwo with 1200 citizens. It is typical center of the commune. It was founded in 1545 by Johj Bebelnik. In 1574 builded a church which in the same form maintained until today. Single-aisle church os Saint Marry is in barrock-gothick style. It has 25 meter tower with bells from XVIII century. There is also railway station from 1905, and old protestant cementery from XV century.


Masuria it is not only Lakes and forests. It is a land of fantastic and stormy history. Until today maintained about 30 castles and many other interesting objects.

- Wolfschanze – Hitler headquater.

-  Boyen keep in Giżycku

- Grunwaldzkie Fields

- Himmler's headquater in Pozezdrze.

- Orthodox old belivers monastery in Wojnowo

- Teutonic order Castle in Gizycko and Wegorzewo

- Cathedral hill in Frombork

- III Reich Land Forces Headwuater  (OKH) “Mauerwald” in Mamerki

- Bunker type B in Martiany

- Pyramid in Rapa

- Sanctuary in św Lipka

- Orthodox church

- Castle in Ryn

 In Masuria it is also worth to see diffrent museams with interesting      exhibitions. 

- Museum of Masurian land in Owczarnia

- Museum of Folk culture in Wegorzeweo

- Museum of military equipment in Mragowo

- Etnographic museum in Satry. 


We can also visit places with fantastic and unspoiled nature like:

- Biebrzański National Park

- Białowieski National Park

- Land channel Mamry – Bałtyk

-Tourist tracks of Romnicka Wood


Additional attractions of the region:

- Park of miniatures of Warmia and Masuria Gierłoży

- Sailors village in Mikolajki

- Ferry on rope in Wierzba

- Sailing F. Chopin in Mikolajki

- Park of wild animals in Kadzidłowo

- Water Park Tropikana in Mikolajki

- Land of historical tribe Galindes in Iznot

- Baloon flights

- Ełk narrow-gauge railway

- Western City Mrongoville in Mragowo

- Picnic country in Mragowo

- Masurian kabartte night

- Regional festivals and open air events